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Furbo Vs Petcube Play - Which One To Buy?

Many pet owners are investing in purchasing a pet camera to keep track of their furry loved ones. With the advancement in pet cameras, and IOT tech, over the years, it has become a must have for pet owners all over the world. Depending on the camera you end up purchasing, it can provide you with the ability to see your pet, play with your pets, and even give them treats while you are gone. There are different pet cameras available on the market that you can choose from. The key is finding one with the right value proposition and one that has the features you might want or need in a camera.

Furbo Vs Petcube Play:


The biggest thing that you are going to want to look at when it comes to a pet camera is the features. You want to try to find the pet camera that has all of the features you would use on a daily basis.

Key Features Of The Play:

1. Smart Ergonomic Design.

One of the biggest features that you are going to get when you invest in the Petcube Play is a smart ergonomic design. This particular camera stays true to its name with a cube form factor. It measures 3 inches on all sides and features round edges. The camera itself comes in 3 different colors; black, silver, and rose gold. You can place the camera just about anywhere by itself as it features a nonslip rubber base or you can mount it on a standard tripod mount.

2. HD Video.

Another feature of the camera is that it comes with an HD camera capable of recording and streaming in 1080p. The camera itself has a wide angle lens which can capture up to 138 degrees of a viewing angle. Along with this, it has good night vision features allowing you to see your pets even when the room is dark, or it is nighttime. Along with this, it offers 3x digital zoom which will allow you to see exactly what they are doing even if they are far away from the camera.

3. 2 Way Communication.

Another key feature of the Play is it's 2-way communication capabilities. It allows for full 2-way communication which allows you to be able to communicate with your pets sufficiently.

4. Customization for Alerts.

Another feature that this camera has that makes it compelling is its alerts and customization's. It comes with motion and sound alerts preset but allows you to turn off each one if you do not want the alerts always to disturb you.

5. Great App.

Along with the camera, you are going to have a great mobile application that functions along with it. You can download the companion app, and it will allow you to operate the camera fully, take screenshots, record video, and more.


Key Features Of The Furbo:

1. Two Way Communication.

This pet camera features full 2-way communication so you should be able to hear, see, and communicate with your pet no matter where you are.

2. 720p Resolution.

This camera is only capable of recording in 720 x 1080 resolution.

3. Treat Dispenser.

The Furbo comes with a treat dispenser which will allow you to reward your pet with a treat dispenser. It features a good amount of room that you can use to store your pet's favorite treats.

4. Mobile App.

You can download the companion app and get full access to the camera which will allow you to operate the camera. The delay is very short, and it features 4x optical zoom which means that you can zoom in to see what your furry friend is doing even if they are far away from the camera. To operate the treat dispenser, all you would do is swipe your finger up to toss treats which make it like a game. However, you will want to keep in mind that the distance the treats can fly when aiming because the cookies might end up under furniture if you are not careful.


Which One Should You Buy?

If you are considering purchasing one, you really couldn't go wrong with either. However, a lot is going to depend on what you are getting it for and what you plan on using it for. They have quickly become an essential 'must have' gadget for any smart home oriented consumer and pet owner. While the cameras on the market do have some drawbacks, they serve an excellent purpose if you are looking to keep an eye on your furry friends. If you are looking for the highest video quality, the Petcube Play is likely going to be your choice. However, if you are looking for treat dispensing fun, you might want to opt for the Furbo, and it's treat dispensing capabilities.

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